What you need to know about IPS competitions:

  • IPS monthly photo competitions are held in categories defined by format of entries, such as prints or electronic images, and by class, such as Class B – beginner, and Class A – advanced IPS members.
  • Competition may have a theme defined for all or selected formats, or otherwise be open (no theme). See IPS Competition Themes document for information on themes for the current season.
  • Entries for Electronic Image Competition (EIC) have to be submitted before the midnight on Saturday preceding the competition, unless announced otherwise. See EIC Submission Guidelines for more information.
  • Print entries can be submitted before the start of the meeting, between 5:45 and 6:15 pm.As per new IPS rules, member can submit upto two (2) images. All print images need to be matted in a white color mat. You will need to fill out Print Competition Entry Form (available soon).
  • The total number of entries each contestant may submit is three (3) for EIC and two (2) for Print category.
  • The guest speaker evaluates, comments on, and selects the winning images. Twenty percent (20%) of the entries are selected in each category, with a first, second, and third prize, and honorable mentions. Monthly winners are later presented at the IPS Annual Exhibit in June, later this year. The exhibition opening reception will be at the IMF HQ2 on Monday, June 1st starting at 5.30 pm.

For more information on competitions see IPS Competition Rules.