Electronic Image Competition (Open)

Class A (47 entries )
1st Place An Asian Glance —Raju Singh
2nd Place US AIR Force Memorial—Khai Nguyen
3rd Place Bubbles — Lindsey Thomas
The Dreamer —Caroline Helou
Clavelina—Alex Hoffmaister
Fork — Lindsey Thomas
Girl in Yellow Scarf — Mary Wilson

Class B (48 entries)
1st Place Orange Dream —Quesnel Richard
2nd Place My Old Ford Truck—Shaun Moss
3nd Place Anger Wild—Raphael Titsworth-Morin
Stepping up —Sena Eken
Mother and Child —Hannah Faux
Seneca Lake in Winter—Shaun Moss
Green Orange and Read —Richard Quesnel

Print Competition (open)

Class A (19 entries)
1st Place My past my Colors— Carmen Machicado
2nd Place Bird in a Tree—Alex Hoffmaister
3rd Place Parallelo—Marco Pinon

Class B (10 entries)
1st place X2 —Dirk Mevis
2nd Place —Aung Thurein Win