Electronic Image Competition-Theme: OPEN (Group A – 41 Entries)

1st place – Louise Forrest Sarr “Well guarded bike”
2nd place – Bass Sarr “Fisherman Cove Punta Gorda”
3rd place – Emine Gurgen “Guggenheim Interpretation 2”

HM – Jean Boyd “Woodland”
HM – Alex Ergo “Little Fairy Visiting”
HM – Emine Gurgen “Fountainhead”

Electronic Image Competition-Theme: OPEN (Group B – 39 Entries)

1st place – Alain Cornet “Coline 1”
2nd place – Denyse Morin “Rice and Palms”
3rd place – Karel Leon “Grills Have No Hostage No More Washington D.C.”
HM – Jihad Dagher “Untitled 33”
HM – Stephan Eggli “Dutch Ride”
HM – Caroline Plante “Echo”

Prints Competition—OPEN (Group A– 16 Entries)

1st place – Alex Hoffmaister “Metro Riding 2”
2nd place – Alex Hoffmaister “Man and House”

Prints Competition—OPEN (Group B – 7 Entries)

1st place – Ceyda Oner “Bursting at the seems”