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December 2015 Winners

December 2015 - Winning Images

The winning photos from the IPS Monthly Competitions are posted on the IPS Gallery on Flickr.

Please note that some members either didn’t have or were not willing to post electronic versions of their images. Those winning images will not appear in the albums.

Print Theme: Open

Group B

1: Ji Won Park – “After the Rain, Times Square”

2: Karolina Lajch – “Ophelia”

3: Carlo Sdralevich “Death”

HM: Bermet Sydygalieva – “Single Malt”

HM: Karolina Lajch – “Untitled”


Group A

1: Manuel Morquecho – “Holing My Wings”

2: Manuel Morquecho – “My Shadow”

3: Manorama Rani – “Standing Tall”

Print Theme: Open