This workshop, consisting of three two-hour sessions, is designed to help participants hone their abilities in black-and-white digital photography. We will discuss BW aesthetics, light, composition, post-production, and other technical considerations, as well as practical and philosophical aspects of finding inspiration and approaching subject matter.

  • Dates: Thurs Feb 27, Monday Mar 3; Thurs Mar 6 (6-8pm)
  • Fee: $80 (IPS members); $120 (non-members)
  • Maximum participants: 20 (first-come, first-served)
  • Location: will be announced separately to registered participants
  • To register: email Michele Egan (

Session 1

Participants would bring a small set of their photos (max 5 images) that they feel best represents their photographic style. Digital files only, no prints. We will project, review and discuss this work as a group.

Each person should come on the first day with at least a rough idea of what they would like to shoot during the workshop. Pre-thinking this on their own is important. I will give advice and help participants make final shooting plans based on their ideas and their existing work.

Participants will shoot over the first weekend.

Session 2

As a group, we review and give feedback for final editing and, if necessary, additional shooting. Participants finalize their editing at home as much as possible.

Session 3

We project and discuss final results.

Bill Crandall is an award-winning photographer with more than 20 years of experience in photojournalism for major publications. He has worked as a photo director and curator, and has conducted lectures, workshops, and portfolio reviews. In his own projects he strikes a balance between art and documentary. In 2013, Bill won an award in the FotoweekDC International Competition for his recent series from Tallinn, Estonia. The previous year, Bill’s book The Waiting Room, a ten-year documentary photo series from Belarus, was awarded in the photo book category. A Voice of America review called The Waiting Room the work of “an American master”. Bill has also recently photographed projects in Africa, Washington DC and Finland.