Revised 9/14/2017

1) An electronic or digital image is defined as a computer file containing an image of photographic origin, whether color or B&W. They can be images scanned from slides, film or prints or captured using a digital camera as long as the original image was taken by the member submitting it for competition.

2) To submit your images click on the button below. Each member can submit up to 3 images for consideration. If you have questions and/or comments on the EIC submission process, please contact Jayme Dos Santos (

Submit your images via this link

3) The email provided during the upload will receive an automated confirmation message.

4) The deadline for submission is midnight on the Saturday before the competition, unless announced otherwise. Entries received after the deadline will not be processed for competition.

6) Submission entries will be held for three weeks after the competition date, in case of queries or challenges. After that time, the images will be deleted, except for the winning images that will be kept for archival and possible promotional purposes.

7) Submitted image files must be in JPEG format (i.e., with .jpg extension), and the images must be in RGB color space (even if they are monochrome).

8) Submitted image files should not exceed 2.0 MB (2,097,152 bytes) in size.

9) The suggested maximum horizontal size of the images submitted must be 1400 pixels and the maximum vertical size 1050 pixels.

10) File names should adhere exactly to the following convention:

Class (A or B), hyphen, Member Name, hyphen, Image Title, period, “jpg”.
Example: B-John Doe-Cloud Sculptures in Madrid.jpg

If you are new to IPS, your class is B (beginner). 
The name and title [e.g., “John Doe-Cloud Sculptures in Madrid”] will be displayed onscreen for winning images, so please use full spelling of names/words. However, please limit filenames to a total of 60 characters in length.

11) Files shall be projected in the exact state in which they are received, without resizing or editing of any sort. It is the responsibility of the contestants to ensure that their images match the color and contrast settings of the digital projector used during competitions. In the event the EIC volunteer encounters an
obvious technical problem or error with the digital submission, he/she shall notify the entrant at his/her discretion.

12) The volunteer processing the submissions shall submit a listing of the entries and contestants to the director of the competition for that month at least 6 hours prior to the start of the competition.