Print Competition (Open):

B (7 entries)
1st place “Playmates” Hannah Faux

A (15 entries)
1st place “Sorrow” Emine Gurgen
2nd place “Through the Bridge” Emine Gurgen

Electronic Image Competition (Open):

B (45 entries)

1st place “Lanterne” Lionel Gahima
2nd place “Study in Red and Green” Richard Quesnel
3rd place “Chained” Lionel Gahima
HM “Abandoned Reflection” Gerda De Corte
HM “G Meets HK” Alex Ergo
HM “uvegotmail” Dirk Mevis
HM “Klamath Falls Town” Lili Tabada

A (45 entries)

1st place “Rendering Honors” Carlos Franzetti
2nd place “Snow on Tazewell” Carmen Machicado
3rd place “Colorful Morning” Tijen Arin
HM “Prairie Dogs” Jean Boyd
HM “A Bridge to Nowhere” Carlos Franzetti
HM “Zavadovice” Marketa Jirouskova
HM “Taking a Break 2” Marco Pinon