Electronic Image Competition-Theme: OPEN (Group A – 50 Entries)

1st place – Dirk Mevis “February 3”
2nd place – Emine Gurgen “Guggenheim Interpretation”
3rd place – Louise Forest-Sarr “The Last One”

HM – Fred Cochard “Tidal Basin Still Life”
HM – Alex Hoffmaister “Court House Interpretation”
HM – Marco Pinon “Work Goes On”
HM – Manorama Rani “Steps Reflection”
HM – Manorama Rani “Subic Safari”

Electronic Image Competition-Theme: OPEN (Group B – 22 Entries)

1st place – Raphael Titsworth Morin “98 Percent”
2nd place – Jihad Dagher “Untitled 3”
3rd place – Denyse Morin “Misty Bridge”
HM – Sena Eken “Butterfly 2”

Prints Competition—OPEN (Group A&B Combined – 22 Entries)

1st place – Emine Gurgen “Train to the World’s End”
2nd place – Carmen Machicado “Orange & Blue”
3rd place – Dirk Mevis “Footface”