EIC A (16 entries)
1st – Louise Forest Sarr “Read To Us”
2nd – Carmen Machicado “Boatmen in Tiquina”
3rd – Gerda de Corte “Cole Power Plant”
HM – Manuella Lea Palmioli “Bongo Birds”

EIC B (46 entries)
1st place – Richard Quesnel “Caught Napping”
2nd place – Chantal Rigaud “Captivated”
3rd place – Alex Culiuc “Silent Question”
HM – Jevgenijs Bujanovs “Fragile 2”
HM – Jevgenijs Bujanovs “Urban View 7”
HM – Raihan Elahi “Landing Gear”
HM – Toko Kato “Hasta Manana”
HM – Denyse Morin “Old Maasai Lady with a Smile”
HM – Ceyda Oner “Little Secret Agent”
HM – Ceyda Oner “Snowy Hills of Visigrad”
HM – Yanna Zhang “Fish in the Shadow on Peking University”
HM – Yanna Zhang “Last Snow in Beijing in 2012”

Print A (7 entries)
1st – Emine Gurgen “Golden Smile”
2nd – Emine Gurgen “Composition in Wood”

Print B (18 entries)
1st – Alex Culiuc “Tangled”
2nd – Jevgenijs Bujanovs “Portrait with a Scarf”
3rd – Michele Egan “Lonely Night”
HM – Keith Miao “Bug & Hand”
HM – Yanna Zhang “Harvard Bridge”