Electronic Image Competition (people)

Class A (51 entries)
1st Place Maestro Alesio—Alex Hoffmaister
2nd Place Meditation—Marcco Pinon
3rd Place Yemeni Girl — Khai Nguyen
Male Bonding —Emine Gurgen
Red lanterns—Khai Nguyen
Masai Girl–Carmen Machicado
Ask me about development–Manorama
Bumper Car Fun— Lindsey Thomas

Class B (60 entries)
1st Place Its not snowing—Raphael Tistworth-Morin
2nd Place Young Professor—Louise Sarr
3nd Place The First Flakes—Alex Ergo
Alyanna—Jayasinghe Tash
Father and Son —Kundu Pritthijit
Cheerleader—Severina De Biasi
Oops —Thurein Win, Aung
Family–Raphael Tistworth-Morin
Art Student–Xiao Yuan

Print Competition (People)

Class A (15 entries)
1st Place Double Bubble— Mary Wilson
2nd Place Mwika Farm Lady—Bass Sarr
3rd Place Samburu Girl’s bead jewels—Bass Sarr

Class B (11 entries)
1st place Clam Shells—Dirk Mevis
2nd Place Amber —Richard Quesnell