Electronic Image Competition-Theme: PEOPLE (Group A – 48 Entries)

1st place – Yuan Xiao “Flamenco Dancer”
2nd place – Emine Gurgen “Walk-a-Grope”
3rd place – Alex Hoffmaister “In the park 9”

HM – Jean Boyd “Indian Dancers”
HM – Khai Nguyen “Big Stomach”
HM – Manorama Rani “My first picture”
HM – Mary Wilson “Business Casual”

Electronic Image Competition-Theme: PEOPLE (Group B – 55 Entries)

1st place – Jevgenijs Bujanovs “From the Dark”
2nd place – Pritthijit (Raja) Kundu “Grandpa”
3rd place – Stephan Eggli “Friends”
HM – Pritthijit (Raja) Kundu “Faces of Youth”
HM – Alain Conet “Moda”
HM – Naly de Carvalho “People of Palio”
HM – Angela Lamanau “Love”
HM – Kemal Cakici “Education through generations”

Print Competition—PEOPLE (Group A– 14 Entries)

1st place – Emine Gurgen “Faces of Nepal 2”
2nd place – Khai Nguyen “Beijing Flea Market”

Print Competition—PEOPLE (Group B – 7 Entries)

1st place – Aung Thurein Win “Two Monks”