EIC Class A (24 entries)
1st – Bass Sarr “Window Watching”
2nd – Manuella Palmioli “Carnival”
3rd – Carmen Machicado “Buddies”
HM – Gerda de Corte “After the Fight”
HM – Stephan Eggli “Sunset II”
HM – Carmen Machicado “Harvest”

EIC Class B (42 entries)
1st – Richard Quesnel “Kirenna”
2nd – Yanna Zhang “Father and Son on a Bus”
3rd – Keith Miao “Flight Delay”
HM – Michele Egan “Arthur the Homeless Boxer”
HM – Sena Eken “Baby and Doll”
HM – Denyse Morin “Bihari”
HM – Denyse Morin “Meditating with the Goddesses”
HM – Ceyda Oner “Object of Attention”
HM – Chirag Sanghani “Smile”
HM – Jack Titsworth “Delhi Smoke Break”
HM – Jack Titsworth “Nizemuddin Quizzical”

Print Class A (11 entries)
1st – Louise Forest-Sarr “Pensive”
2nd – Emine Gurgen “Punch Line”

Print Class B (17 entries)
1st – Dorte Verner “Dassanesh Boy in Omo Valley”
2nd – Alex Culiuc “Low Season”
3rd – Alex Culiuc “Praying for Health”
HM – Keith Miao “Hands of a Torcedor”