Electronic Image Competition

Class A (51 entries)
1st Place Vianden Castle —Alex Hoffmaister
2nd Place Disfigured Shapes—Arin Tijen
3rd Place Ceiling Interpretation — Alex Hoffmaister
German Parliament Building—Jean Boyd
Geometry2 — Dirk Mervis
Opera in the Sky —Bass Sarr
Spinning Tops— Lindsey Thomas
Rusty Pole –Mary Wilson

Class B (55 entries)
1st Place Access Denied — Tabada Lili
2nd Place Boats—Xiao Yuan
3nd Place Solitude—Gerda de Corte
Chair Diversity — Gerda de Corte
Cross Over — Gerda de Corte
Sculpture— Erbil Nese
City Sky— Gahima Lionel
Game Time— Tabada Lili

Print Competition (open)

Class A (24 entries)
1st Place Table for two —Manorama Rani
2nd Place Townhouse and Cadillac Dupont Circle—Bill Katzenstein
3rd Place Class Break —Marco Pinon
Religious Symmetry —Marco Pinon

Class B (10 entries)
1st place Salone Pikin—Hannah Faux
2nd Place Rain- Gerda de Corte