Prints Competition — OPEN (Group A – 16 Entries)
1st – Manorama Rani:”Steps and Unusual Reflection”
2nd – Carmen Machicado:”Sheeps at Sunset”
2nd – Carmen Machicado:”Whiskers”
HM – Bass Sarr:”Zebra Secrets”

Prints Competition — OPEN (Group B – 20 Entries)
1st – Ceyda Oner:”Vermont Lake at Sunset”
2nd – Michele Egan:”Bus Shelter”
3rd – Karsten Junius:”Need Money, Sam?”
HM – Alex Culiuc:”The Girl and the Cat”
HM – Alex Culiuc:”The Ghost of the Village”

Electronic Image Competition — FORCE OF NATURE (Group A – 20 Entries)
1st – Jean Boyd:”Wind”
2nd – Carmen Machicado:”Storm over Lago Titicaca”
3rd – Manuella Lea Palmioli:”Zanzibar Storm”
HM – Marco Pinon:”Virginia Rapids”
HM – Louise Forest Sarr:”Overtaken”

Electronic Image Competition — OPEN (Group B – 24 Entries)
1st – Michele Egan:”Great Falls after Sandy”
2nd – Angela Lumanau:”Rainy Stockholm from Boat”
3rd – Denyse Morin:”Early Morning Fog”
HM – Michele Egan:”Harmattan Wind in Niger”
HM – Jack Titsworth:”Splash”
HM – Dorte Verner:”Dust Storm in Wadi Rum”