March 2015 - Winning Images

The winning photos from the IPS Monthly Competitions are posted on the IPS Gallery on Flickr.

Please note that some members either didn’t have or were not willing to post electronic versions of their images. Those winning images will not appear in the albums.

Group B – 59 entries
1st place Victor Bosier Silhouette 2
2nd place Carlo Sdralevich On the Beach
3rd place Shannon Turkewitz Beautiful Creatures
HM Kemal Cakici Sacred Grounds
HM Daniel Kostzer Bali Moonlight
HM Daniel Kostzer Bali Sunset
HM Diane Kerswell Hat Man
HM Jay Dos Santos Chairs
HM Xiaoxiao Peng Farewell
HM Carlo Sdralevich Jefferson
HM Susann Tischendorf Looking Around
HM Ji Won Park London at Twilight
 Group A – 46 entries
1st place Alex Culiuc Biker-bridge-geese
2nd place Bass Sarr A ball at the beach
3rd place Carmen Machicado Aguas Calientes
HM Michele Egan National Gallery of Arts
HM Manuel Morquecho Behind the Light
HM Ceyda Oner Thai Beach Silhouette
HM Manorama Rani Exception to the Rule
HM Manorama Rani Him with his Shadow
HM Dorte Verner Snow Day