Prints Competition — OPEN (Group A – 14 Entries)
1st -Ceyda Oner “Pom 1, Pom 2”
2nd – Ceyda Oner “Why go there?”
3rd – Michele Egan “Alone”
HM – Jevgenijs Bujanovs “The Rorscharch Test”

Prints Competition — OPEN (Group B – 19 Entries)
1st – Dorte Verner “Mursi boy in Omo Valley”
2nd – Rama George “Promenade @ US Capitol”
3rd – Aung Thurein Win “Stairwell”
HM – Adrian Fernandez “Heron”
HM – Dorte Verner “Hamer woman collecting firewood, Omo Valley”

Electronic Image Competition — Architecture (Group A – 20 Entries)
1st – Carmen Machicado “Aix Alley”
2nd – Jevgenijs Bujanovs “Waves”
3rd – Bill Katzenstein “President’s Club, Washington National Airport”
HM – Michele Egan “Capitol Backside”
HM – Raphael Titsworth Morin “Move”

Electronic Image Competition — Architecture (Group B – 39 Entries)
1st – Angela Lumanau “Call to prayer”
2nd – Denyse Morin “Reaching for the sky”
3rd – Denyse Morin “Reflections in Technicolor”
HM – Alex Culiuc “MIT windows”
HM – Alex Culiuc “Vatican windows”
HM – Sena Eken “Geometric ceiling”
HM – Keith Miao “Construction zone”
HM – Elizabeth Mziray “Parking”
HM – Dawn Sikkema “Senanque Abbey”
HM – Aung Thurein Win “Mechanical”