Electronic Image Competition – Theme: Decay (Group A – 53 Entries)

1st place – “Desk and Chair, Maryland 2009” Dirk Mevis
2nd place – “A Darker City” Raphael Titsworth-Morin
3rd place – “Line of Trucks” Jean Boyd
HM – “Harry’s Valley Rust on Rust” Fred Cochard
HM – “On Hold” Gerda de Corte
HM – “Red Lock” Emine Gurgen
HM – “Villefranche Alley” Carmen Machicado
HM – “Times Art” Marco Pinon

Electronic Image Competition-Theme: Decay (Group B – 24 Entries)

1st place – “Barber Chair” Richard Quesnel
2nd place – “Leaf Recycling” Richard Quesnel
3rd place – “Where’s the rest II” Stephan Eggli
HM – “Blue Decay” Sena Eken

Prints Competition—OPEN (Group A– 16 Entries)

1st place – “Marty’s Mart” Alex Hoffmaister
2nd place – “Belly Dancer” Khai Nguyen

Prints Competition—OPEN (Group B– 5 Entries)

1st place – “Dogwood Thru Window” Richard Quesnel