May 2015 - Winning Images

The winning photos from the IPS Monthly Competitions are posted on the IPS Gallery on Flickr.

Please note that some members either didn’t have or were not willing to post electronic versions of their images. Those winning images will not appear in the albums.

Group A (35 submissions)
Name Image Title Place
Boyd, Jean Cow in the House 1
Morquecho, Manuel Loss 2
Manuella Lea Palmioli Matisyahu 3
Cochard, Fred East Wing Fleeting Moment HM
Gurgen, Emine Depth HM
Rani, Manorama Bizarre display HM
Sanghani, Chirag Droplet Fish HM
Group B (42 submissions)
Name Image Title Place
Kolbrun Kristjans Floating 1
Fernandez, Adrian Times Square 2
Chantal Rigaud Squeezed 3
Chantal Rigaud Spud HM
Sydygalieva, Bermet Snow  Capped HM
Tischendorf, Susann Cigarre Lady HM
Tischendorf, Susann Swimming like Hemingway HM
Turkewitz, Shannon Meanwhile Underwater HM