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May 2017 – Winners

May 2017 - Winning Images

EIC Competition Theme: Ageing

Group A

First : Dorte Vener, Moroccan

Second  :   Manuella Lea Palmioli, Elijah Nature Man

Third  :   Dorte Vener, Turkana


Jean Boyd, Barber’s Customer

Emine Gurgen, Vietnam Flash Back

Kolbrun Kristjansdottir, Underwood

Manuel Morquecho, You are looking at me!!

Shannon Turkewitz, Guitar Cowboy

Group B

First : David Cieslikowski, Metro Music

Second : Benoit Catzaras, Gradation

Third :   Anupam Joshi, Graceful Lines of Age


Simon Bradbury, Mull Boats

Anupam Joshi, Aging While Waiting

Xiaoxiao Peng, Fleeting Youth

Jerry Pullan, Human Face

Jerry Pullan, Miles of History

Prashant Tanavade, Beauty

The winning photos from the IPS Monthly Competitions are posted on the IPS Gallery on Flickr.

Please note that some members either didn’t have or were not willing to post electronic versions of their images. Those winning images will not appear in the albums.


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