Electronic Image Competition (Emotions)
Class A (36 entries)
1st Place School Boy —Marco Pinon
2nd Place MilousEtMiloux—Manuella Lea Palmioli
3rd Place Devotion —Marco Pinon
At the Pool — Manuella Lea Palmioli
A pensive Hugo — Lyndsey Thomas

Class B (38 entries)
1st Place Cambodian Children at Play —Shaun Moss
2nd Place Gross National Happiness—Alex Ergo
3nd Place Tatounet—Gahima Lionel
No Hope —De Corte Gerda
The thrill of a slide-Alex Ergo
Even in Povery —Tisworth Morin Raphael

Print Competition (open)
Class A (20 entries)
1st Place Assateague Ponies —Carlos Franzetti
2nd Place Foliage1 —Alex Hoffmaister
3rd Place Peacok Splendor—Emine Gurgen

Class B (14 entries)
1st place Gazing Yonder —Hannah Faux
2nd Place X-1—Dirk Mevis