Electronic Image Competition-Theme: Weather (Group A – 38 Entries)
1st place – Jean Boyd “Morning Mist”
2nd place – Carmen Machicado “Foggy Spring in Shenandoah”
3rd place – Emine Gurgen “Weeping Hills”

HM – Manuella Lea Palmioli “Cristaux De Glace”
HM – Dirk Mevis “Weather 2”
HM – Marco Pinon “Scenic Winter”

Electronic Image Competition-Theme: Weather (Group B – 37 Entries)
1st place – Stephan Eggli “Rainy Night”
2nd place – Severina de Biasi “Walking alone”
3rd place – Pritthijit Kundu “Blizzard”
HM – Stephan Eggli “Sunbeams”
HM – Linda Smite “Washington Monument”
HM – Raphael Titsworth Morin “Before the storm”

Prints Competition—OPEN (Group A – 13 Entries)
1st place – Alex Hoffmaister “Hallway Haga Sofia”
2nd place – Mary Wilson “A drink with Kate”

Prints Competition—OPEN (Group B – 8 Entries)
1st Place – Hannah Faux “I am Sam”