Electronic Image Competition-Theme: ANIMALS (Group A – 48 Entries)

1st place – Manuella Lea Palmioli Milous & Miloux2
2nd place – Bass Sarr “Hippos in a pond”
3rd place – Yuan Xiao “Zebra Portrait”

HM – Jean Boyd “Snake in the grass”
HM – Emine Gurgen “Kings of the Desert”
HM – Manorama Rani “Itchy Eye”
HM – Raphael Titsworth Morin “Lonely Giant”

Electronic Image Competition-Theme: ANIMALS (Group B – 37 Entries)

1st place – Stephan Eggli “Untitled 1”
2nd place – Aung Thurein Win “The Stray Cat”
3rd place – Michele Egan “Sad Captive in Miami Zoo”
HM – Michele Egan “Crowned Pigeon”
HM – Denyse Morin “Queue in the Crater”

Prints Competition—OPEN (Group A&B Combined – 16 Entries)

1st place – Alex Hoffmaister “Crossing by Sea”
2nd place – Aung Win “Mixie”