EIC Class A
1st place – Marco Pinon “Team Work”
2nd place – Carmen Machiado “Pavo Real”
3rd place – Manuella Palmioli “Holland Heart”

EIC Class B
1st place – Denyse Morin “The Web”
2nd place – Leif Jensen “Ensemble – 1”
3rd place – Chirag Sanghani “Holi Celebration”
HM – Denyse Morin “Thick Skin”
HM – Dorte Verner “Bedouin in the Tandorean Desert Syria”

Print Class A
1st place – Emine Gurgen “On the Road Again”
2nd place – Manorama Rani “Side Profile”

Print Class B
1st place – Aung Win “Have a Peek”
2nd place – Bermet Sydygalieva “Wedding Punch”