The International Photographic Society (IPS) is pleased to present a 3-session workshop by Ron Aira (CDIA) on Introduction to Digital Photography.

  • Dates: Monday, March 9, Thursday March 12 and Tuesday, March 17 (6:30-8:30pm)
  • Fee: $60 (IPS members); $100 (non-members, includes annual membership)
  • Maximum participants: 20 (first-come, first-served)
  • Location: HQ2-01A-280A+B
  • Equipment requirement: any digital camera that can be set to manual controls (aperture, shutter speed, ISO/ASA)

To register: email Michele Egan (

The workshop is open to all Bank/Fund staff and families.

About the Workshop

Class 1: Camera lenses, media storage, understanding exposure, metering. Homework assignment

Class 2: Review class 1. What makes a photograph? Composition and looking at photographs. Look at homework assignment. Give Shooting assignment.

Class 3: Class shares final assignment and critique work. Talk about current trends of photography (HDR, etc)

About Ron Aira:

Ron Aira is a commercial photographer based in Washington DC.  His work has appeared in Glamour, Essence, Forbes, Time and Newsweek to name a few.  He works on advertising campaigns for agencies and corporations from billboards to annual reports.

He approaches photography with a unique vision and a passion for detail. Whether he is on location or in the studio.  His love for photography does not stop with his clients.  He is passionate about his personal projects as well. Creating stunning images from his travels, from Matadors in Spain and Colombia to gipsy circuses in France.