A Print Competition – Open Theme – 13 entries

  • 1st Alex Culiuc “Still Waiting”
  • 2nd Alex Culiuc “On Track”
  • 3rd Manorama Rani “Interesting Reflection”

B Print Competition – Open Theme – 13 entries

  • 1st Aung Thurein Win “Segway Riders”
  • 2nd Bermet Sydygalieva “Batman Limeño”
  • 3rd Yanna Zhang “Cherry Blossom in DC”

A Electronic Competition – “Street Photography” – 26 entries

  • 1st Ceyda Oner “Hong Kong Girl”
  • 2nd Ceyda Oner “Strike a Pose”
  • 3rd Raphael Titsworth Morin “Centerpiece”
  • HM Alex Culiuc “Follow the Fish”
  • HM Louise Forest Sarr “Night Connection”
  • HM Bass Sarr “Helping Hand”
  • HM Mary Wilson “Heroes”

B Electronic Competition – “Street Photography” – 36 entries

  • 1st Keith Miao “Kites”
  • 2nd Karsen Junius “Western Wall”
  • 3rd Dorte Verner “Catching a Ride”
  • HM Angela Lumanau “Among the Paddy Fields”
  • HM Angela Lumanau “Leaning”
  • HM Chantal Rigaud “16th Street in the Rain”
  • HM Aung Thurein “Win Road Crossing”
  • HM Jack Titsworth “Pavement Patter”
  • HM Dorte Verner “Highlands Indian Kids in Town”