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September 2016 Winners

September 2016: Winning images


EIC Competition Theme: People

Group A

First :     Manuel Morquecho – Believe

Second  :   Dorte Verner – Kayan refugee

Third  :   Alex Culiuc – Empty Handed


Alex Culiuc – Dancing in the streets

Barbara Mierau Klein – The Skipper

Dorte Verner  – Cubana

Manuel Morquecho – Smoker

Ceyda Oner – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Group B

First : Jerry Pullan –The Red Army

Second : Prashant Tanavade – India runs on Chai!

Third :   Xiaoxiao Peng – Wait for me unicycle


Ambre Liprandi – Bateaux A Saint Louis

Ambre Liprandi- Zebus in Ferlo

Chialing Yang – Chat

Eric Clifton –  Selfie at Ponte Vecchio

Jose Deduque – Afternoon at the Museum

Karolina Lajch – Lonesome Road

Kelvin Dalrymple – World War2 Vet

Kolbrun Kristjansdottir – Reykjavik

Kolbrun Kristjansdottir – Thingvellir

Mary Ongwen – Just me and the dog okay

Prashant Tanavade – Laughter does extend lifespan! 

Peter Allum – Uniform

Simon Bradbury – Girl with Bagpipes

Victor Bosier – Swim Champ

Xiaoxiao Peng – Time for Selfie

Yeva Avakyan – Good Hair Day

The winning photos from the IPS Monthly Competitions are posted on the IPS Gallery on Flickr.

Please note that some members either didn’t have or were not willing to post electronic versions of their images. Those winning images will not appear in the albums.


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