Dear IPS Members,

Welcome to the 2017/2018 season (our 51st)!  Please read on for announcements covering the new season and current/upcoming events:

1. 2017/2018 membership renewal
If you plan to stay in the club during the 2017/2018 season and to remain eligible to participate in monthly competitions, please submit your membership form/check by September 20, 2017.
The membership form, along with the $40 annual fee (payable by personal check, certified check or money order made out to “IPS”) can be:

  • Sent to Bermet by regular or interoffice mail (WB MSN MC10-1020), or
  • Dropped off in person in Bermet’s office (WB MC10-548), or
  • Brought to the September 20th meeting.

If you are IMF staff, you can give the check directly to Aung Thurein Win (IMF HQ1-4-712). If you do that, please email Bermet (and cc Aung and Jayme) to confirm payment, and to indicate the list of your desired volunteer tasks.

Note: If you no longer wish to be an active IPS member and/or remain on our email distribution list, please email us by September 30th, and we will take you off the list.

2 .2017/2018 calendar (including September meeting)
The monthly meeting/competition dates have been set, and are available in our online calendar, and in the “2017/2018 competition themes” list.
The first meeting/competition of the season will be held on Wednesday, September 20th, at 5:45-9:00pm, in IMF HQ2-1-280A&B. We will start with Wine&Cheese social, then proceed to guest speaker presentation followed by the competition.
Our guest speaker will be Kyle Myles ( Kyle is an independent photographer who shoots primarily in B&W, and whose art focuses on family, friends and everyday life.
The competition format will be EIC, theme “People”. The submission deadline is Saturday, September 16th, by midnight. Please submit your EIC images here:

3. 2017/2018 competition themes
The IPS Executive Council has approved the 2017/2018 competition themes.

Date Competition Themes Notes on Themes
20-Sep-17 EIC People   People are the main subject (e.g., not statues, pictures of people)
25-Oct-17 Print Open
15-Nov-17 EIC Shadows Photographs including a dark area or shape produced by a body/object coming between rays of light and a surface.
13-Dec-17 Print Open
24-Jan-18 EIC Street Photography Images that feature subjects in candid situations within public places. Street photographs are mirror images of society, displaying “unmanipulated” scenes, with usually unaware subjects.”
21-Feb-18 Print Open
21-Mar-18 EIC Blur Blur is the apparent streaking of rapidly moving objects in a still image.
25-Apr-18 Print Open
16-May-18 EIC From above Photographs taken from a higher position/angle compared to the subject.
11-Jun–18 –  13-Jul-18 (TBC) Annual Exhibition

4. Training and Workshops
Jerry Pullan, our Training and Workshops Director, has been working on a training program for us, with help from Ceyda and Victor.
We will kick off the season with Intro to Digital Photography (already familiar to more established club members) on October 4, 5 and 10. This workshop is targeted to those who are starting out with digital photography or need a refresher.
The second workshop will be on Mobile Photography in early November.  This will be a brand new workshop targeted at IPS members who rely on their smartphones to take photos.
Please stay tuned for workshop details from Jerry (coming soon). We are also hoping to organize at least two more training sessions this season, taking into account the training survey feedback from last year.

5. IPS – World Bank Art Program exhibition
The IPS – World Bank Art Program exhibition that contains a select set of images from the IPS 47th Annual Exhibition (AE) is on display in the World Bank Preston Lounge through September 30th.
The exhibition includes 27 photos by 17 photographers, including six photos that received an Honorable Mention award at the 47th AE.

6. IPS Executive Council changes
IPS President and Vice President: After 4 years as the IPS President, Ceyda Öner has handed the IPS reigns over to us. We thank Ceyda for everything that she has done for the club in those years! With her inclusive and collaborative leadership style, and despite a very demanding work schedule, Ceyda has brought us closer together, creating a greater sense of community, and making us feel welcome in, and enthusiastic about the club. She also led the club through its 50th anniversary celebration, spearheading the idea of a special commemorative exhibition (“Dialogue Through Time: 50 years, 50 photos”). We will continue to rely on Ceyda for advice, while she devotes more of her time to perfecting her photography skills.
Hospitality Director: Shannon Turkewitz has stepped down from her Hospitality Director role. Peter Allum will be taking over from Shannon as the new Hospitality Director.
Points Director: Debra Spagnola has stepped down from her Points Director role. Chirag Sanghani will be taking over from Debra as the returning Points Director.
A big Thank You to Ceyda, Shannon, and Debra for generously volunteering their time to serve the IPS members!


Again, welcome to the new season! We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on September 20th and during the rest of the year!

Bermet and Jayme