Info on where to get photos printed (based on our Wednesday meeting):

Sample prices listed after each entry for a single 8×10 print (caveat: some providers – the cheap ones — do not have a choice of paper, so it’s not an exact comparison) . Note: Taken from a FB discussion on our page: Sept 18, 2014

  • Dodge Chrome and Nat Geo: submit online or in person; they’ve worked with us before. Very expensive and they don’t spend a whole lot of time with you on discussing how to work your file or what paper might be best. If you know what you want (or don’t care) and have money, they’re both good. Price range: $27-$39.…/upl…/2014/06/DC-Price_Sheet.pdf
  • Costco: very cheap alternative; submit online or in person. But you get what you pay for (lack of contrast in shadow areas; only choice of paper is glossy or mate). Price: $1.49
  • UPhoto in Beltsville MD: small shop with a very knowledgeable and passionate owner. Wide variety of papers and the owner (Dave Smith) will sit down with you, analyze your photo and help make modifications to the file to get the best image for print, and advise on what paper would work best based on subject and/or planned use. Drawback: basically a one-man operation, so give yourself plenty of lead time. Price range: $10-$19…/M_im…/uphoto%202013%20v2%20pricelist.pdf
  • Glen Echo Photoworks: operates a ‘digital lab’ on Sundays (1pm-8pm) when someone is there to help use their printers. There’s a $20 per hour fee for usage of the equipment and you need to bring your own paper. But if you’re going to do a lot of printing and don’t want to invest in your own, this may be the next best thing.
  • White house custom color ( Price range: $2.20-$2.64.
  • Nations Photo Lab Price: $1-1.75
  • Drycreekphoto (for color profiles for other vendors like costco – so that you can get best results from them. No prints offered.
  • Adorama: Offers prints and albums. They are very good quality (on pro paper) and very reasonably priced. Shipping is not free, but is reasonable. As always, worth ordering in bulk. Typically, it takes up to a week to receive the order (2-3 day processing, 2-3 days shipping Their website is ‪
  • ‪ excellent quality and affordable prices. – Has only 2 paper choices: metallic and luster.
  • Iprint No info online on photo prints.
  •  – good prices, range of papers and a small operation. I believe the i print above was referring to this site instead
  • Ritz Camera – – They do a nice job and located in MD and VA.  The only thing if you know more or less what you want and achieved that on your Editing Software – you have to ask them to switch off auto correction when you order your print.
  • Further More ( –  This is a new print shop in town with HQ in DC. They do good work and are reasonably priced