Prints All Classes combined (13 entries)
1st Place: Bassirou Sarr – Masai Mara Cheetah
2nd Place: Mary Wilson – Wee Ed’s Big Wave

Slides All Classes combined ( 9 entries)
1st Place: Raju Singh – Blown Away

EIC Class B (39 entries)
1st Place: Brice Richard – The Pilgrim
2nd Place: Dirk Mevis – Man Looking Skeptically
3rd Place: Gerda de Corte – Treasures of the Lake
HM: Alex Ergo – Gone with the Wind
HM: Dirk Mervis – Woman with Cellphone
HM: Yuan Xiao – Castle Mountain

EIC Class A (31 entries)
1st Place: Carmen Machicado – Kiosk in Quimbaya
2nd Place: Caroline Helou – Fish Market (2) Washington, DC
3rd Place: Lyndsey Thomas – Pomegranate Green Tea 2
HM: Sigrid Vollerthun – Twirling
HM: Per Jartby – Your Choice